DOB: 4/10/2016
SS: Dragonfly L Mr. Irresistable *S
SD: CH/MCH Olson Acres Monica 1*M
DS: Wood Bridge Farm Booty Patrol
DD: CH Wood Bridge Farm China Doll 'E' 92

Arabella was the tiniest kid of the year, but she doesn't let that slow her down at ALL! She has personality plus and is quickly becoming my favorite kid. We are retaining her littermate brother and sister as well, we love our Calista and are excited to have 3 of her progeny in our herd. Arabella is stunning, she is definitely taking after her dam in the looks department. Angular, strength of brisket, wide throughout without sacrificing femininity, I am just absolutely thrilled with her and her siblings. Her sister Arionna is very similar, I'd almost swear they were carbon copies with just a slight size difference. I believe her and Arionna deserve the "most anticipated udder of the year" award. I've never been known for my patience and these girls are sure testing it, can't wait to see what they're packin'.

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