DOB: 4/10/2016
SS: Dragonfly L Mr. Irresistable *S
SD: CH/MCH Olson Acres Monica 1*M
DS: Wood Bridge Farm Booty Patrol
DD: CH Wood Bridge Farm China Doll 'E' 92

Okay, so Arionna flew under the radar for me this year, I completely despise clipping and she just never made it on to the list.... until show season was over for us - go figure. Anyway, after clipping her I literally stood there and wondered what in the world was wrong with my eyes. How could I not see how stunningly beautiful she was under that fuzz? That topline, her depth of body, her smoothness of blending, her angularity, her rear end is amazing, her width throughout. Her sister Arabella is almost a carbon copy of this beautiful girl, although Arionna's escutcheon is slightly more desirable. In the famous words of Phil Robertson I'm happy happy happy!

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