DOB: 5/1/2016
SS: Flat Rocks Captain Jack
SD: Flat Rocks Ginny Weasley
DS: Flat Rocks Heir Apparent
DD: Flat Rocks Twinkie
We weren't supposed to have this little girl, we had put our reservation on a different kid and the night before the big trip Sunni felt that the kid wasn't up for it, so she offered Hope to us. It always feel like you hit a stroke of luck when you get to bring home a kid the breeder had planned to retain, and we were already buying her littermate brother so it's a great opportunity to see her udder! Hope is very sweet, she happens to be my mom's favorite. She is long and dainty, a dairy little gal. We are glad to have her here with us!
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Sr RGCH Dry Doe- Stronghurst, IL 6/10/17 (Gurney)
Sr RGCH Dry Doe - Stronghurst, IL 6/10/17 (Jake Bradford)
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