DOB: 3/14/2017
DS: TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S E 90
DD: Shere Country SH Aria VG 88
I love when I feel as though things are meant to be. The story starts several years ago when we had reserved a kid out of Adagio while she was owned by Becky a All Season's Farm, unfortunately a kid was not born for us and Adagio was sold back to her breeder. Fast forward two years and while facebook browsing I came accross a post from Shere Country Ranch that she was downsizing. I inquired about Adagio, and was told she was unavailable. After chatting for awhile she offered a daughter of hers to us instead! I think this gal was meant to call Redside her home, we are very excited to have her here!
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