DOB: 3/14/2015
SS: CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino
Sire: Little Tot's Estate Stevia
SD: Little Tots Estate Thea
DS: SM3Pines CRE Virtue
Dam: SM3Pines VJ Heaven Xent
DD: ARMCH Gay Mor Berry's Jurassic 2*D, 1*M

Stormy is a lovely little doe, I'm a huge Sugar Glider fan and the fact that she's got some of those same genetics in there is so exciting for us! She is one to watch!

She freshened with a nice udder, perfect teat size, great placement and orifices. Lovely medial and AMAZING texture, definitely our favorite to milk.

Show Wins
Kidding History
2016 Bred to Dmitri, twin bucks.
2017 Bred to Navigator, single doe.
Stormy's second freshening